Signeffect Kaki Bukit Factory

Signeffect Advertising Pte Ltd is a-well reputed and established signage and advertisement fabrication specialist in Singapore with 23 years of experience.

We are a customer-centred company with a strong track record in fabricating high quality signage and advertisements.

With our experience and skills; our extensive and in depth knowledge of signage and advertisement materials; and the use of cutting-edge signage fabrication technology, we always fabricate and deliver quality signage and advertisements on time.

These, together with our excellent customer service have enabled us to become one of Singapore’s leading signage and advertisement solutions provider.

Our products and services include designing and fabricating :

  • 3D Signage (boundary signage, free standing signage, reception signage etc.)
  • LED Signage (boundary signage, building sky signage, reception signage, shop front signage etc.)
  • Advertisement Light Boxes
  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Large Image Digital Prints
  • 3D engraving Signage
  • Banners
  • Light Boxes
  • Customised Acrylic Products
  • Vehicle Advertisements

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Mr Raymond Koh, the founder and Managing Director of Signeffect Advertisement Pte Ltd, started his signage and advertisement fabrication business in 1995.

With an initial funding from his father, he went into partnership with his ex-colleagues renting a factory space in Kampong Seletar.

Since his business was new, he had to depend on small projects including sub-contracts from his former employer. Although profit margins were very low, he treasured every business opportunity.

Despite the hard work, Mr Raymond Koh persevered and continued to develop and improve his skills and knowledge in the business of signage and advertisement fabrication. In short span of 2 years, his business grew and Signeffect Advertising Pte Ltd was established in 1997.

Our company's reputation for good workmanship, excellent service and swift delivery, earned us our Clients’ referrals and recommendations to others and soon our company grew rapidly.

Our Philosophy & Commitment

At Signeffect, we believe that our Clients are our best advertisers and good reviews lead to better business. Therefore, signage and advertisement quality and excellent customer service are paramount.

High Quality Signage & Advertisements

We take pride in our quality. At Signeffect, we employ stringent quality control. Signage and Advertisements are not only fabricated to the highest quality, we personally inspect signage and advertisement materials to ensure that there are no defects.

We believe in continuous improvement. We are constantly sourcing for better and more advanced materials and technology to fabricate top notch signage and advertisements for our Clients.

Customer Service Excellence

We are sincere in our relationship with our Clients. We value integrity and honesty. We are committed to fulfilling our promises.

We provide our Clients with accurate drafts, accompanied with sample materials and accurate pricing.

Our signage and advertisements are also completed and delivered quickly without compromising on quality.

We strive to ensure that your experience with Signeffect will be pleasant and hassle free.

Achievements & Awards

From the humble beginnings of the rented factory space, our company expanded and moved to Defu with a factory space of 5,000 sqft and with about 5 staff.

In 2014, to cater to our expanding business, Signeffect upgraded and moved into our own building at Bartley Biz Centre, Kakit Bukit. We now employ a total of 15 staff and a fleet of vehicles.

In recognition of Signeffect's success, Signeffect was awarded "Successful Entrepreneur" in 2011, "Promising SME 500" and "Singapore Brand" award subsequently in 2012.

Our Team

Signeffect Advertising Pte Ltd is made up of a young and vibrant team of skilful staff from Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Under Mr Raymond Koh's stewardship, he build up a core team to ensure that service is top notch.

Mr Raymond Koh emphasises the importance of a steady talent pipeline of skilled employees. He ensures that newer employees preface their signage fabrication skills while more experienced employees continue to share their knowledge with junior staff.

All employees are continuously improving and upgrading their skills and knowlegde of materials.

We believe that we are fully equipped to challenge this demanding market and will continue to create better products for our valued Clients.